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Are you experiencing authentication (being asked to authenticate again and again) issues for Gmail accounts in the latest update?
Please remove and re-add the account. We are investigating on the matter currently and apologise for inconvenience.

Does Airmail work with macOS Sierra (10.12)?
Yes, Airmail is fully compatible with the latest macOS.

What is the minimum OS X requirement to run Airmail?
Airmail needs a modern Mac running OSX 10.10 or newer.

If I own the Mac version do I need to purchase the iOS version too?
Yes, at the moment we cannot bundle the apps from different platforms.

What if I see a message about having the wrong credentials?
This usually means that the password or the email address has been entered incorrectly. Be sure that you have setup an "app-specific password" on the webmail server settings of the email account if you have enabled the 2 factor authentication or if you require such a password to access IMAP (for example -Fastmail accounts need an app specific password even if you do not have the two-step authentication enabled).

What if there is slow initialisation or a disc space usage issue?
You can avoid downloading message bodies/attachments, and you can also limit the time period for fetching old mails in the settings page as shown in the picture below. This setting can be found in Airmail Preferences > Accounts > [Account] > More.

Can I use email encryption and digital signatures with Airmail?
Yes, Airmail includes plugin support for both S/MIME and GPGTools encryption. You can signup to be notified when this beta is released by going to either, or both, of the following URLs, depending on which type of encryption you prefer to use in Airmail

GPGTools -

Does Airmail support IMAP protocol?

Does Airmail support POP3 protocol?

Does Airmail support Exchange server email accounts?
Yes. The Exchange server version must be 2007 or later. 

Does Airmail support ActiveSync?
Not yet, but we are working to implement this. No ETA is set.

What if the Exchange endpoint URL is not working?
In case the Airmail auto-discovery fails, or is not configured on your Exchange server, you can manually enter the Exchange endpoint URL. Usually, you need only the domain name, or the server location and compose the URL as follows, substituting your own “”:

Then you can test the URL in your browser. If you’re asked for your login credentials, you have successfully created it. Otherwise, the “” portion of the URL needs modification. If that still fails, talk with your system administrator.

Can Airmail use iCloud to sync settings across multiple Macs and iOS devices?
Yes, Airmail 2 or later can sync account settings.

Is Airmail only available for purchase on the Mac App Store?
At this time, yes. If you are a business or educational institution you can use Apple’s Volume Purchase program to purchase a large number of copies.

What is your Privacy Policy?
We do not store your messages. If you enable Snooze Sync, the message ID and your email address are used to sync the snoozed message on multiple devices. We are adding more online services, and this may change in the future. Our Privacy Policy is here.

How can I add a label in a Gmail account?
Airmail understands the difference between a “label” in Gmail and a “folder” in other accounts (including Gmail folders). Select a message and then press “L” or right-click to apply a label.

Can I reinstall Airmail from the Mac App Store without paying again?
Yes. First uninstall Airmail from your Mac and then reinstall it from the Mac App Store. If you are asked to pay again, please log out and log in the App Store back again.

What happens when I Archive a message?
The message is moved to the 'Archive' folder or 'All Mail' folder for Gmail accounts.

Can I include the Trash and Spam folders in search results?
Yes. This involves a simple change in Airmail Preferences > Advanced.

Can I delay the sending of a message?
Yes. Airmail has a message sending delay feature that can be found in Airmail Preferences > Composing, similar to that used in Gmail.

Can I migrate Airmail to a new Mac or new hard drive?
Absolutely. We understand there are times when you will be upgrading to a new Mac or need to change hard drives.

From the old Mac, copy ~/Library/Containers/it.bloop.airmail2
and then paste it on the new Mac at the same corresponding path. If you still encounter issues, please contact support.

Does Airmail work with a proxy server or VPN?
In some cases Airmail may not work with your proxy server or VPN settings.

The delete/backspace key is archiving a message, but I want it to delete the message. Can I change this?
Yes. In Airmail 3 you can customise keyboard shortcuts under the Actions section of Preferences.

Why don’t I receive a notification for an email that arrives to a certain folder?
If you have rules set up in your email service (such as Gmail) to filter specific incoming messages to a specific folder other than the inbox, you will not receive a notification sound for these messages in Airmail.

Can I configure Airmail to be my default email client?Configuring Airmail to be the default email client on your Mac is easy. Go to the Mail app Preferences, General, and select Airmail as the “Default email reader.”

How often does Airmail check my email accounts for new mail?
By default, Airmail checks the inbox continuously (via push sync) for new messages every minute. It checks your folders every 10 minutes. But you can change these settings in Preferences.

Does Airmail support snoozing messages?
Airmail for Mac has supported snoozing messages since version 2.6.

Does Airmail support read receipts?
Yes. Airmail for iOS has read receipts, and a plug-in has been released for Mac.

How can I remove a contact or an email address from my Airmail address list?
To remove a contact from your address book, refer to this KB tutorial.

How can I create a Calendar event from a message in Airmail?
Airmail integrates with the Apple Calendar to allow you to create an event directly from any message. Read more here.

How can I create an Apple Reminder from an email message?
Airmail integrates with Apple Reminders to allow you to create a reminder from any email message. Click here for more information.

I have problems at login. What should I do?
Airmail is compatible with most services, but OKTA, some VPNs, and some firewalls are incompatible and can make it not work at all.

Can I have Airmail save emails somewhere other than the startup disk? If my Mac has two hard drives, can I have Airmail use the second hard drive (not the startup one) for saving files and app data?
No. Due to sandbox configurations this is not possible.

Does Airmail always load images from the sender?
Yes, and the image below shows how you can customise this. 

How do I add a Yahoo or iCloud account that has two-step authentication enabled?
Please refer to the article here 

An error while adding a Yahoo account to Airmail?
Please enable "Allow Less Secure Apps" in Yahoo Account Settings to allow Airmail to add the account as we are currently waiting for approval from Yahoo. 

As an alternative, you can use the two step verification method to add the account to Airmail as explained here 

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