Full Screen mode has been with Mac OS X for a few years now, but Mac OS X El Capitan introduced the new Split-Screen mode. Airmail is compatible with fullscreen and split screen modes.

Using Airmail in Full Screen

  1. Click on the green full screen icon in the top left corner of the Airmail window.
  2. This will open Airmail into a new full screen desktop space. You will notice you menubar and dock is no longer visible, but is accessible when you hover over the top or bottom where your menubar and dock is normally located.
  3. To exit full screen, simply click on the green icon again. Please note that the the icon is not visible in the full screen mode, until you hover over the top left of the screen.

Using Airmail in Split Screen mode.

1. Click and hold the green "full screen icon" in the top left corner of the app.

2. While continuing to hold, you will notice that halve you screen has a blue transparent block. If you move your mouse to the other side of the screen, the block will also move. This blue block indicated where Airmail will be placed in the split screen mode. Release the mouse button to place Airmail.

3. On the opposite side of Airmail, you will notice all the open apps. Click on the app you would like to share the screen with. In the example below, we will use TextEdit for the example.

4. A new full screen space has been created with Airmail and Textedit. To exit any the split screen view, simply exit the apps from full-screen mode by clicking on the green icon in the top left corner of the screen.

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