Airmail App allows for integration with Todoist. Airmail sends a message to Todoist, and creates a link back to that email from the entry in Todoist.

How to enable the Todoist Integration?

Please go to Airmail Preferences > Services and login your Todoist account to enable the integration with Airmail in order to use it.

After clicking on login, Todoist login window will appear in which you have to enter the details of your Todoist account and allow Airmail to use it.

Using the Todoist Service within Airmail

1. Right click the message, that you would like to send to Todoist.
2. Select "Send to > Todoist" from the dropdown menu.
3. Choose which of the Todoist list the message should be sent to.

You can always use the smart shortcut key "z" to open the share menu quickly and choose your selection.

How to see the messages in Todoist?

1. To view any of the messages send to Todoist, open the Todoist App
2. Go to the list that the message was sent to.
3. Click on the message that was saved.
4. Under comment you will notice a link starting with airmail://message?
5. Click on that link to view the message to view it in Airmail.

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