Making calendar events from emails can be a good way to keep your self organised without cluttering your inbox.

If you have received an email with a time in it, such as a meeting time, follow these steps:

1. Open the email with the time/date in it.

2. Click the time/date, a menu will appear. Click ‘Create Calendar Event’ and choose subsequent place to put it - OR - Just right click any message in Airmail message list and choose 'Send to' - OR- Just select a message and use the shortcut key 'Z'.

This will create the event in the calendar just like in the picture below:

Calendar is not accessible?

This can be due to the fact that you must have not allowed Airmail to use Calendar. To enable this, please go to System Preferences > Security and Privacy and allow Airmail to use the Calendar App. Please refer to the picture below.

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