The 'Mapping' of folders allows you to map your server folders to the Airmail folders in case you notice that some folders are still not mapped. In the below picture it shows you how to map the folders:


  1. Go to 'Preferences' from Menubar by clicking on name of application 'Airmail'.
  2. Click on an account from the list in tab 'Accounts' and choose 'Mapping'.
  3. In the Mapping panel you can see the rest of folders are there (Same like above screenshot).
  4. The grey coloured folders are default folders which were created by your email provider. It’s not recommended to remapped these with custom folder.
  5. See for labels that has “[None]” if you see those, please consider creating new label/folder in order to map it.
  6. Make sure the “Automap Folders” is ticked.
  7. Once you are done mapping, you can the actions with Airmail such as To Do, Archiving, Trashing etc. which you must have been missing earlier than mapping.
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