The workflow settings in Airmail app are there to make operations easier. This article focusses on these settings.

The following options can be set:


With this workflow setting, conversations can be enabled or sorted according to Most Recent First or Older First. Tap on conversation to set your preference.

Setting conversation to Off will disable the feature.


The badge refers the red number count on the Airmail icon in iOS. By default the badge count is for unread message, for example in the image below, the count is 1, to indicate there is 1 unread message.

The options for the badge count are:

Inbox Counters

This counter settings refers to the counter in the account list of the Sidebar Menu. In the image below the counter is set to Message Count

There are only two options for this counter setting. 

By default Unread is set for this counter.

Copy in To Do, Memo, Done

Messages that are set to To do, Memo or Done can be set to remain in the inbox, or set to move to the specific folder.

By default, a message is copied to the To Do, Memo or Done folder and remain in the inbox. To rather move these message, disable this feature.

Mark as Read on Open

By default when a message is opened, it will be marked as read. To keep the message as unread, when reading it, disable this feature. 

Return to Inbox after Action

This options (when enabled) allows you to return to the inbox if you are in full screen mode to the message list, after you take an action on an email (for example trash) and does not continue on to the next message directly.

Filters are shown in the message list by default. To disable the filters, disable this feature.

Archive Starred 

This option when enabled, removes the star from a message when you move it to the archive folder.

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