This article focusses on the Snooze actions within Airmail. Snooze actions can be actioned from the Action Bar while reading an email, or if set as a swipe action. 

The default timings can be set for each of the snooze options. The snooze options are:

Set defaults for Snooze actions

1. Tap the menu icon  in the top left corner on the app, which will reveal the menu.

2. Tap on Settings

3. Scroll down to Snoozes and tap on it

4. Tap to choose which snooze option to edit.

5. Tapping on any of the option above will display the time or date settings application to the option. Choose the date or time and tap the blue arrow to return to the previous screen. The new preferences will be saved.

6. Tap the blue arrow again to return to the Sidebar Menu.

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