This article focuses on customizing the appearance of the Airmail App.

Appearance Options

1. Tap the menu icon ≡ in the top left corner on the app, which will reveal the menu.

2. Tap on Settings

3. Scroll down to the appearance section


The first appearance option is to view or hide sender's icon. In the images below, the first image have icons enabled, and the second image have icons hidden.

Highlight Subject

This option highlights the subject in the message view. If this option is disabled, the sender will be highlighted.

The first image has the feature enabled, and the second image has it disabled.

Highlight Unread

With the Highlight Unread option enabled, only unread mail's subject or sender will appear in bold. The first image below shows the Highlight Unread enabled while the second image below shows the option disabled.

Show Account Icons

Each email account has an icon assigned to it. This icon can be used to identify the account in the message list.

With the option disabled, the icons are hidden as shown in the first image. The second image below shows the account icons when the the option is enabled.

Show Account Colours

Each mail account has a colour assigned to it. The colours can be customized for each account. With the Show account colours option enabled, the specific colour will show next to each menu in the message list.

The first image shows the Account colours, while in the second image the colours are hidden.


The body of an email can be previewed in the message list. A maximum of 4 lines can be displayed. The default setting is 3 lines. 

Tap on preview to set the number of lines:

Preview set to No Preview:

Preview set to 4 Lines:

The Description option refers to how the account info is displayed in the Sidebar Menu. The description can be set under the account settings of the individual email accounts. 

The account information can display either the Name, Description or email only.

The default view for the account display the Name and email address, as in the image below.

Settings it to Description, as in the image below, displays the account description and email address.

Setting the description setting to Email Address, will only display the email address, as in the image below.

Show Quote

Quotes refers to the original email that is is display when replying to an email.

With Show Quotes enabled, the original email will be displayed in the composer when replying. 

With Show Quotes disabled the original email will be hidden and displayed with . To reveal the original email, simply tap on the .  The image below show the Show Quotes option as disabled.

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