This article will focus on the Airmail notification that applies to all accounts. Account specific notification will be discussed in more detail here.

Set & Customize Notifications

  1. Tap the menu icon  in the top left corner on the app, which will reveal the menu.
  2. Tap on Settings
  3. Scroll down to Notifications and tap on it.

4. Enable Notification, if not yet enabled.

Set Actions:

The options here refer to the actions that can be taken from notification. A maximum of 2 actions can  be selected. 

With the options above, the banner notification will look like this:

Advanced Settings

Full Preview: With Full Preview enabled, notification will also enabled the beginning of the body of the email text. Otherwise only the send and the subject will be shown.

Actions Requires Unlock: With this feature enabled, the iOS first needs to unlock before an actions can be completed.

Server Badge Count:  With Badge Count enabled, it shows the count of mails for which you have selected the badge count be seen on home screen on the upper right corner of icon of Airmail. 

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