The actions in this article refers to the Action Sidebar when viewing an email. 

To access the action sidebar, simply swipe from the right to the left while within body of the mail preview while viewing an email, as shown in the example:

Set the Actions or Reorder

1. Tap the menu icon ≡ in the top left corner on the app, which will reveal the menu.

2. Tap on Settings

3. Scroll down to Actions and tap on it

4. A list will appear with all the possible actions, as in the image below:

5. All the actions marked with a blue checkmark (✓) is active. To enable or disable an action, simply tap the action.

6. To reorder the actions, tap on edit in the top right corner.

7. Tap & hold the reorder icon ≡ on the right on an action. Now drag the action in the appropriate order.

In this view, actions can also be enabled or disabled by clicking on the blue checkmark on the left an action.

Click on done, when finished with the reordering.

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