Airmail app makes use of a customizable Sidebar Menu to make navigating the app easy and straightforward. This article only covers the basic features of the Sidebar Menu. To find out how to customize it, click here.

How to access the Sidebar Menu

(1- Menu bar icon; 2- Settings; 3- Edit Sidebar)

Option 1:

To access the Sidebar Menu, simple click on the menu icon  in the top left corner on the app, which will reveal the menu.

Option 2:

Swipe to the right. As soon as you start to swipe from left to right, the Sidebar Menu will be revealed.

Sidebar Menu Items

As mentioned before the menu's main function is to make navigation of the app simple and straightforward.

The following sections form part of the menu.

1. Account List will appear in the top most section of the “Folder Panel/Sidebar” 

This section of menu shows all the different email accounts setup on Airmail. To view the Inbox of a single email account, simply click on the relevant account.

To view all the different inboxes of the accounts, click on All Inboxes

2. Airmail Dedicated Folders

The second section contains the Airmail dedicated folders, which are the folders used for Airmail specific features.

Starred: All messages that are marked as Starred/Flagged

To Do: All messages that are marked as To Do

Memo: All messages that are marked as a Memo

Done: All messages that are marked as Done

Send Later: All messages that are scheduled for sending at a later defined time.

Snooze: All messages that have been Snoozed

3. Contacts

This section allows for access to your contacts by clicking on the Contacts link.

But this sections also gives quick access to your Favourite/VIP contacts. Each contact selected as a Favourite will appear in the Menu. This allows for quick access to emails from that specific contact.
Click here to know how to set favourites. 

4. Documents

Upon tapping on documents a list of email with attachments and their attachments will be displayed per account. This is useful for quickly looking for an attachment.

5. Folders

The folders list shows links to specific folders or message groups:

Today: All emails received today

Unread: All unread mails

Conversations: All messages are displayed in conversation view

Drafts: Messages in draft format

Sent Mail: All Sent Mail

Labels: Access to all all folders/labels of the email accounts.

All Mail: All mail in all folders

Important: Messages marked as Important

Bin: All the messages that have been deleted

Spam: All messages marked as SPAM.

6. Operations

The operations options, displayed a list of all the actions taken by Airmail app. For example when message has been displayed as read, or moved.

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