The Airmail App on iOS and MAC OS X saves account information to iCloud, making it very simple to import these settings on a new device.

Although the settings are saved, permissions from mail accounts like GMAIL will need to obtained again, as permissions are granted per device.

To retrieve your settings from iCloud, follow these steps.

1. If starting a new setup of Airmail, please choose “Import from iCloud” from the list:

(Please note: It is not a new setup of Airmail then, go to Sidebar > Settings > Accounts > Add Account and follow the same process)

2. Retrieving saved accounts

Airmail App will now attempt to retrieve settings saved in iCloud. This could take a while depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Once done a list will appear with the accounts that can be imported.

If nothing shows in the list, then no account detail has been saved. Please make sure that iCloud Drive is enabled on your device.

3. Import Account

To begin the importing, simply click on the mail account you wish to import. You will be prompted to confirm the import. Simply click OK to import or cancel to abort.

4. Additional Settings

If additional settings are required for the account setup, you will be prompted to enter those before finalising the import.

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