Please follow these steps to add your e-mail account.

If starting a new setup of Airmail for iOS, please choose the required e-mail service from the list 

(Please note: It is not a new setup of Airmail then, go to Sidebar > Settings > Accounts > Add Account and follow the same process)

Scroll down to the end of the menu and click on settings.

Now choose Add Account, which display to the screen above.

2. Type in your account credentials

3. Accept or Deny

For the Airmail app to work with your email account, certain permissions need to be granted. Scroll down and click on allow. If you chose deny, the email account won't work with Airmail.

4. Finishing Setup

Before finalising the email setup, choose to allow “Push Notification” or/and, if you wish to subscribe to our newsletter.

Finish by clicking on continue.

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