The Airmail app uses the Tap & Hold feature to enhance the user experience. This article will feature and briefly focus on where this feature can be used. Each feature will be discussed in detail in this article hereunder.

1. Multiple Selection

To select multiple messages in the message list, simply tap and hold on any message to reveal a selection bar on the left.

2. Customizing Label/Folder

From the sidebar menu, navigate to a label/folder. Tap and hold on the folder to reveal the options for the folder.

3. Archive/Mark all as Read

To archive all message in an the inbox or to mark all as read, simply open the Sidebar menu, tap & hold on a specific email account, choose the which option you prefer from the popup menu and you're done!

4. Filter

To invert a filter, i.e. use the opposite of the chosen filter, simply tap & hold on the filter.

In the example below, the normal Unread filter is active, which is indicated by the blue button. To enable the filter to show Read messages only, tap & hold on the unread button until it changes colour to orange.


5. Folder

To view messages in a particular folder in sidebar menu of a specific account, tap and hold on a particular folder and you'll get option to select the specific account of which you can see messages. 

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